Friday, December 5, 2014

Wild Rice Bowls

Last night– after I finished work and awarded the last customer her purchase, who, by the way, as a 40-something was cooler and more fashionable than I will ever be (I talked to her in my cool, low, nonchalant voice, admiring her khaki muscle tee, linen pants and white Birkenstocks)– I headed to the supermarket to buy some ingredients I was missing for the wild rice bowls I'd be making that night. One of those ingredients being actual wild rice. Not realising just how much wild rice expands, I bought four 150g packets (for four people) and then wallowed in my despair at the checkout when I realised how much Woolworths and Coles swindle you for simple groceries. 

But all was fine and good in the world, when I arrived home, unloaded the shopping and whacked on some jazz to get me in the mood for a cooking bonanza*. 

*Clarification: Cooking bonanza involved less actual cooking and more of me painstakingly getting seeds out of pomegranates. 

And it all brings us to here. Presenting, Wild Rice Bowls, featuring: walnuts, kale, pomegranate and fetta. Mostly delectable, partly orgasmic, and none of the bloated/heavy feels. (Guess what I'm having for lunch today kids, that's right, LEFTOVERS.)

The salad dressing also kicked ass, make it ahead of time so the flavours have time to get to know each other and mingle. Click here for the recipe. 

xx Margot Ana 


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